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How to use Growzit as a stall owner

How to add a new stall to Growzit

How to upload a new product - complete guide

How to add or modify your banking details

How to close your stall for a vacation

How to share a product to social media

How to issue a coupon for your stall

How to add a VARIABLE product to your stall

How to manage your stock as a Stall Owner

How to mark a product as 'out of stock' in your stall

Trouble shoot - I can't see my stall on Growzit!

Trouble shoot - how to make feature image look correct

How to run a special on a product

Trouble shoot - how to get the 'chat to stall' button to appear on your stall

How to issue a store credit coupon for cancelled or refunded orders / products

Tutorial - how to create a product with multiple variable types

Tutorial - How to share your stall on social media

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