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Growzit is a community project aimed at connecting local producers with local buyers in a safe, personal and enjoyable manner. We offer a unique platform for producers and local consumers. Everything you need to know about being a producer or buyer on Growzit is right here.

How to buy goods?

It’s easy! Let’s say you are interested in buying pumpkins. After entering the market, your search radius will immediately be reduced to 50kms around your chosen location.

Click on the category or product that you are interested in, in this case lets say food > vegetables.

This will take you to a page with all the vegetables sold by nearby stalls. If there are too many vegetables to search through, you can further refine your search. To narrow your search even further, you can click on specific types of vegetables. You can then find pumpkins sold by a nearby stall.

You can also save time by typing the type of vegetable you are looking for in the top block where it reads “Search” This will automatically filter to nearby products that are offered by local producers.

Once you have found something you would like to buy, chat with the producer (they may take a few hours to reply) about the product, and add it to your cart.

If you are not registered, you will be prompted to register as a customer to allow you to proceed to the checkout. Once at the checkout, you can confirm your order by adding your credit or debit card details and then making your purchase. Delivery of the product will be the following working day. Simple isn’t it!

How to register a buyers account?

So you want to register an account on Growzit? That’s great! All you need to do is create a password.

Initially we ask for your address, this is to ensure that you browse through locally owned stalls. When you are ready to make a purchase, you will be prompted to make a buyers account (at the checkout stage). This is when you will be asked for information to complete the purchase, and it will include the information needed to set up your personal buyers account.

You can, however, set up an account immediately, and receive promotional specials, discounts and a number of other goodies that will make shopping on Growzit a more enjoyable experience. Click here to sign up now. 

How to keep my account secure?

Growzit employs state of the art security to keep users details and accounts secure. However, it is of paramount importance, that users  not share their login details with anyone. If users suspect that access to their account has been made, they need to contact Growzit immediately and change their password. In case of a lost or forgotten password, users would need to submit a request to Growzit to have their password reset. A reset confirmation email will be sent to users for this purpose.

What can I buy on Growzit?

Growzit holds a unique place in South Africa’s online market. Our goal is to support and provide a professional online platform to local artisans and small businesses who produce their own goods locally. Our vendors (producers) only sell products that they themselves have personally produced. This includes (a) growing, (b) manufacturing, (c) baking, (d) crafting, (e) breeding, (f) painting etc.

Are purchases gaurenteed by Growzit?

Stall owners and Growzit agree to honour returns of products with the following warranty.

“Customers can request a store credit coupon to the value of the product they would like to return, after delivery or, if they have changed their mind about receiving it. To qualify for this warrenty, customers must request a refund prior to delivery or during their 10 minute inspection of the product upon delivery and then return it with the original delivery driver.

If the product is returned after inspection, customers will still be liable for the delivery fees. Customers must process returns or cancellation requests directly with the stall owner, via the RMA Return tab on a customers account page”.

Are there different methods to pay for items and services?

At present the only methods of payment is through our online payment portals of Ozow with Payfast. This will require payment via a South African debit or credit card or through connecting via your banking app. No payments via cash will be accepted.

Is there a bulk purchases discount?

For combined orders over R2000, Growzit offers customers free delivery.

Additional specials for bulk orders can be set by individual Stall Owners. Such specials will be advertised on individual product pages under the additional information tab.

Are frozen items sold?

Stall Owners may sell prepared meals and other frozen items. This will be indicated on individual products pages under the ‘additional information’ tab. Delivery between the stall owner and the customer, for the frozen foods, will be direct and, frozen items will be insulated in temperature controlled delivery boxes.

Can I pick up items, I have purchased, myself?

No. All items purchased on Growzit must follow the door to door delivery process offered by Growzit.

Why can I only see items in my near vicinity?

Growzit is about empowering your local community through retaining community wealth rather than supporting a net outflow of wealth. To achieve this, we run micro-markets that advertise only stalls within your specific municipal boundaries.

How does 'the favorites' list work?

Your favorites list allows you to save 30 different items and services that you regularly purchase. Simply click on your favorites list to easily locate these items and then add them to your bag.

You don’t need to be a registered user to use a favorites list, but you do need to have cookies enabled in your web browser. If you clear your cookies you will lose your favourites listing .

How can I see what ingredients are in the foods sold on Growzit?

All stall owners are requested to list ingredients and allergens in the foods/meals that they advertise. These ingredients can be found in the ‘description’ section of each product. Should you have a specific question regarding the ingredients, use by date, etc…you can engage directly with the stall owner, who will answer any of these questions for you.

It is paramount for customers to assure themselves of the ingredients if a concern exists. Growzit provides the platform for stall owners, and as such, cannot accept any liability for store owners’ oversight on listing ingredients in the food/meal products.

Can I change my address or have multiple addresses?

To change your address, simply go to “Your Account” found at the top right hand corner or, alternatively, at the bottom menu of the page. Here you will be directed to your account dashboard.

Click on “Addresses” and simply edit your delivery address. This will also change the stalls that you are able to browse.

Users can only have a single address at a time, and only browse stalls within 50km of your address.

How do I apply a promotional code to my order?

When you click on “view bag” you will be directed to a page that lists your desired purchases in your “shopping bag”.

Below your listed items you will find a tab where you can enter any coupon code. Enter your coupon code and press on “apply coupon”.

Are foods freshly harvested and organic?

The growing and storage of foods sold on Growzit is determined solely by the Stall Owner. Stall owners are recommended to display information about food growing methods, storage methods, pesticides used and organic status on the product page of individual items. If customers have further questions about growing and storage of food items, this can be raised with Stall Owners prior to purchasing.

Growzit does not guarantee or enforce growing or storage practices on the platform. Growzit does ensure that pickup and delivery occurs on the same day, and that perishables are transported in temperature controlled delivery boxes to customers.

Can I remove items from my shopping bag?

Customers can add or remove items from their shopping bag at any stage prior to purchase. To remove items, customers need to click on the ‘review my bag’ menu tab, scroll down and click on the ‘remove item’ button, adjacent to the item that they want to remove.

What if my address is incorrect?

The Growzit interface will map the address you enter onto a google map in your account section. It is important that you check that the address you enter aligns with your physical position on the map. If your address is not determined by google maps, then it will be impossible for our delivery service to recognize where to deliver your purchase to.

What if I can't receive my delivery?

Growzit standard delivery occurs within three days from purchase. Customers will receive email notification of delivery time. If the proposed time is not acceptable, contact Growzit deliveries ( to arrange a suitable time.

How do I know my delivery is on the way?

Customers will receive email notifications when the delivery driver is beginning their delivery to you, and when they are approaching you. Customers can also track the drivers position via the link that will be sent to you.

How much is delivery?

For orders below 20kgs in weight, Growzit charges a R15 standard delivery fee for each vendor that you order from (e.g. 3 stall owners = R45). This is for entire order. If you require express delivery (next day), then a fee of R30 per vendor is charged.

In order to qualify for express delivery, orders need to be placed before the 3pm express delivery cut off.

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