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Growzit takes us back to a time before mass production and corporations, a time when farmers markets connected artisanal producers with buyers in bustling town squares.

Growzit is South Africa’s online farmers market, a place where local producers and service providers can connect with local shoppers. A place where communities support each other for the common good.

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How Growzit works

Producers setup stalls

Local producers that grow, make, build, paint, their own products or offer services open up virtual online stalls within Growzit to advertise their goods and services.

Growzit keeps it local

In todays age, we need to support our local communities. Growzit ensures this by limiting your shopping to stalls within 40kms of your house.

You browse local wares

Wander virtually the stalls of your local producers, chatting to stall owners, and placing the items of interest into your shopping bag.

You purchase your wares

When you are fully shopped out, head to the stall counters and checkout your items through ‘Payfast, South Africa’s premier secure online payment system.

Growzit delivers to you

When we receive an order, we will deploy one of our local drivers to collect and deliver your order. You will receive your order the following day.

Open your own stall...

Join the Growzit movement as a stall owner. Contribute to your community and gain financial independence.


Go Local, Go Growzit

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Turn your passion into income by building your online farmers stall today

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